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RIDGID 35973 SeeSnake LT1000

  • Product Code: 35973
  • Availability: In Stock

  • $2,045.95

The Ridgid 35973 SeeSnake® LT1000  Laptop Interface System allows you to leverage the power and flexibility of a Laptop with your SeeSnake reels. By using a Laptop as a monitor, your recording and monitoring options are as powerful as your PC and this may be a cheaper solution than purchasing a new camera monitor which is useful only as, well that - a camera monitor. So treat yourself to a terrific new laptop using this new interface tool and save money while doing it.  Feel free to call our customer service desk for questions about this solution.

Digital recording, DVD burning, Wireless Transmission and Online Hosting are all possible with the LT1000 and a Laptop. Paired with a Ruggedized Laptop, the LT1000 is the most powerful and flexible system on the market.   Features Ultimate Flexibility in recording, monitoring and reporting.  Unlock the power of your Laptop to Monitor, Record and Communicate with SeeSnake HQ and RIDGIDConnect. Clean Keys Control Pad allows you to keep gloved hands off your Laptop while controlling camera recording and operation during an inspection. Battery Powered Freedom lets you perform inspections without the availability of AC power. Laptop Stabilization System allows you to secure and stabilize your Laptop on the reel for protection in the field (full LT1000 System only)


  • Power.............. 18V Li-Ion Battery or AC Plug
  • Outputs........... USB Video Stream, RCA Video and Audio
  • Controls........... Sonde, Lights, Recording, Image Rotation, etc. LT1000  

The full LT1000 system mounts directly on your Mini or Standard Reel giving you a stacked and stable platform with a single cord interface. Compatibility: All SeeSnake Mini and Standard ReelsIncludes: SeeSnake HQ Monitoring/Recording Software, Reel Mounting Kit, 6' USB Cable, 4 Reel Outriggers (for stability), AC Power Cable SeeSnake HQ Installed PC Software (Included) Monitor, Record, Report, and Deliver with this powerful drain inspection software package.  Install the included SeeSnake HQ software on your laptop and get ready to take a huge leap forward in digital drain inspection.   Monitor and Record Inspections Control Camera Functions Burn Digital to DVD Fill out detailed job reports on your laptop/PC Publish, edit and share your Reports via



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