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Noggin 250 SmartCart Configuration (DVL-500)

  • Product Code: Noggin 250 SmartCart Configuration (DVL-500)
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

  • $22,400.00

Noggin SmartCart Configuration (DVL-500) includes the following:

100-22-0061 Noggin 250 Unit
100-22-0089 Noggin Display (DVL-500)
100-54-0142 Noggin SmartCart Base for DVL-500
100-53-0026 Noggin 250 Cart Separation Bar (2 each)
100-53-0020 Noggin Swivel Mounting Posts (set of 4)
100-55-0021 Power Source with Grey Case
100-55-0027 Power Source Charger (1 amp)
100-11-0080 DVL Embedded Software - Smart Systems (with system)
100-11-1002 EKKO_Project - USB Software Security Dongle
100-11-0111 EKKO_Project - V5 Software License
100-11-0112 EKKO_Project - LineView Software License

Optional items Available:
100-11-0084 EKKO_Project - Interpretation Module Software License $980.00
100-11-0098 EKKO_Project - SliceView Module Software License $2250.00
100-54-0140 TopCon GPS for Noggin SmartCart (DVL-500) $2330.00
100-53-0101 Noggin SmartCart GPS Mount (Short) $660.00


Noggin® GPR systems have been recognized by leading researchers as providing the highest quality GPR data in the world.  They are also built to perform in the most demanding conditions around the globe.

Adaptable, proven GPR for any application

Available in four center frequencies and four standard configurations, Noggin® systems can collect data in any environment for any application. Noggins span the depths and resolutions required for subsurface investigations.Choose the combination of center frequency and configuration best suited to your application and terrain.

Powerful yet simple data collection

Adjust data collection parameters and easily view data in the field with the high resolution, sunlight visible, touchscreen digital video logger (DVL).
DVL 500 Noggin

Rugged by designNoggins are used in a wide range of environments, temperatures, and weather conditions.
Ultra-wide band (UWB) GPR antennas Ground-coupled for maximum signal penetration and data quality.
Digital Video Logger High resolution, sunlight visible, resistive touch screen with Wi-Fi and USB data transfer.
Flexible data collection Change GPR parameters to optimize the survey. Adjust depth, step size, stacking, time window, grid size, triggering and more.

Mini reports and Noggin Data

Wi-Fi mini-reportsEmail a report of line, depth slice or map view data to your customers or colleagues.
Depth slicingCollect grids of data and view depth slices right in the field.
Map viewUsing external GPS, display a plan map view of survey path, grids, field interpretations and flags.
Field interpretationsAdd color-coded interpretations and field flags with the touch of a finger.
Optional GPSIntegrated GPS for post-processing and export to Google Earth™, CAD drawings & GIS databases.

The data collection software on the DVL 500 Noggins have default settings to get to work quickly; for line surveys just set the desired depth and start collecting.
For grid collection, the GPR operator sets the grid size and line spacing. The screen prompts the user to collect each line until the grid is complete. It is easy to work around obstructions, skip lines or recollect lines if required.
Once the grid is finished (or any time after at least 3 lines have been collected), the grid data can be processed into depth slices (right in the field!).

For users involved in unusual projects, Noggins also have custom settings to collect data with extreme values:

• Depths to 200 meters (320 m in ice)
• Triggering options include Odometer, Button and Free-Run modes
• Free Run in Time or Free-Run with Speed to collect data on water, snow or ice
• Grids up to 250 x 250m in size
• Zig-zag grid collection pattern
• Step Sizes from 5 millimeters to 5 meters

Create impressive deliverables easily with EKKO_Project™ software.

After data collection is finished, transfer the data to your computer and organize, edit, process and plot your GPR data with EKKO_Project™. See your data in seconds – spend your time understanding the data, not importing and integrating ancillary information.
EKKO_Project™’s reporting capability outputs interpretations and other information into PDF, spreadsheet (csv), Google Earth™ (kmz) and CAD (dxf) files.
Ekko_Project_NogginNoggin® systems provide valuable insights in countless subsurface applications. As your GPR knowledge and expertise grow, use your Noggin® system to expand your business into new markets. Easily add another sensor, a new configuration or accessories to your existing Noggin® system and your subsurface investigation opportunities are limitless.

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