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10" Spiral Root Saw Blade Only

  • Product Code: SPR-10C
  • Availability: In Stock

  • $0.00

Editor's Choice comments:

All Sreco style root saw blades represent the finest in root saw construction available in the market today.  Note these design elements which make Sreco style blades the best in the business:

The saw teeth are discontinued as the tight radius turn in the strip steel is created to construct the mounting flange.  Most competitor's blades have teeth that are cut the entire length of the strip steel used to construct the blade.  But the blades will fail prematurely in the area where this tight bend occurs as the steel wil fatigue and crack at this radius.  It is more expensive to manufacture the Sreco style blades they way they do, but well worth it in the increased longevity of the blade.

The radius at the bottom of the tooth is rounded, versus sharp.  The rounded profile of the punched tooth reduces fatigue and increases the life of the blade.

Product description:

This is a flat-surface saw with front and back teeth.  It has a longer tapered blade than the SRECO-FLEXIBLE style Standard Root Saw and is formed like a cone.

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