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Sewer Jetter Nozzles

Sewer jetting nozzles blast away debris that is clogging drain pipes in homes and in municipal sewer lines. Typical jetting nozzles blast water at a very high-pressure down the pipe so that it gets removed from the line. 

Did you know:

Jetter nozzles come in all types of specifications and they are designed for different types of residentail and commerical sewer cleaning tasks. A plumber for instance, might use several types of jetter nozzles in order to complete his or her sewer cleaning job and knowing what nozzle to be used for what part of the job is critical to any plumbers job and the right nozzle will allow for the job to get done right the first time.


Different Types of Sewer Jetter Nozzles:
  • Standard Dome Shaped Nozzle is usually used for penetrating a sewer line with heavy blockage. The water blasting jet stream from the standard dome nozzle helps to cut loose any obstacles from within the sewer line before the dome nozzle's rear facing jets are then used to flush out any debris that is inside the sewer line. A standard dome nozzle is typically used on a hose attached to a jetter for cleaning deposits of grease and soap from within blocked sewer lines.
  • Standard Closed Dome Shaped Nozzle has rear jets only and it is typically used for pulling the hose down the sewer line and it is also used for general line cleaning tasks.
  • Grenade Nozzle is for cleaning sewer lines that are filled with silt, sand, or sludge and a Grenade Nozzle can be used as an open or closed nozzle depending on your needs.
  • Sediment/Bottom Nozzle or Sand Nozzle is primarily used in storm drain sewers and other types of sewers that consist of super heavy sediment or sand build up. These larger and flatter standard nozzles are designed and developed to lay in the bottom of the sewer pipe, so that it can help in the removal of the sediment or sand found at the bottom of the pipe line.
  • Fluke Nozzle is a wedge shaped flat nozzle which concentrates all its power downward and thus, is able to emulsify silt in larger sewer lines.
  • Rotating Nozzle or Spinning Nozzle is a standard nozzle yet the center of the nozzle rotates, thus allowing for the rotating nozzle to spray the pipe, while the pipe is being cleaned.
  • Radial Nozzle has 8 rearward dual angled jets for optimal cleaning of the sewer pipe wall.
  • Warthog Sewer Nozzle is used  by plumbers and contractors for cleaning laterals and smaller sewer lines and the Warthog nozzles are also suggested for lining and rehab work.

Stoneage WG 070-6 Warthog Centralizer

Stoneage WG 070-6 Warthog Centralizer

6" Poly-Fin Centralizer Available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" Interchangeable Skid Sizes ..


Stoneage WG 085 Warthog Super Centralizer

Stoneage WG 085 Warthog Super Centralizer

Connects Directly to Tool Body 7" Minimum Pipe ID..


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